Monday, October 26, 2009


aaand she's back.

the most whirlwindy trip ever. no sleep on either flight.
looked like crap pretty much the whole trip
which is perfectly fine since now i have something to attain to.

in any case - we went because jamie's bestest most best friend in the world is a genius movie filmmaker, and we went for his London World Premiere!
The movie was seriously awesome. seriously seriously.
see below for the trailer.

50 Cent was in the movie - he was there!

so was Mel B.

she yelled at her "husband" in front of everyone. it was great.

anyway it was completely fun but i am glad to be home.

we had an hour or two to go shopping (hello xmas presents - good bye 100% handmade gifts), and look what i saw in the window of Jigsaw!
ye old yarn, beckoning me home!

i am truly in love with this window display -
i wanted to jump in with some hockey sticks and knit away!

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