Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

happy almost mother's day

mother's day - come one, come all.

it's a hallmark holiday but that doesn't mean it's not well deserved.

here are some freebie tags for your mother's day gifts - to your moms, grandmoms, friends, sisters, daughters, lady streetdwellers - whoever you see fit to give a gift to.

click on the image for download!
print onto card or cover stock and then cut inside the dotted lines.
attach to awesome last minute present and admire self.

Mothers Day Tags

please use these responsibly and only for personal use.

don't go donald trumpin' my ass!

Mother's day freebie card, part 1

So I'm kind of into freebies these days...
Cute little mother's day card for those with less than pure humor.

and yes, there will be a Part 2.
keep yer panties on.
Mothers Day Pelvis

this cards prints out to be a2 sized, which is about
4.25x5.5 and fits an a2 sized envelope

1. download
2. print onto card or cover stock
3. cut out inside dotted lines
4. fold on center line.
5. write a message inside.
6. pat self on back for being so thrifty

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I made some free tags for you for your summer gift giving! Enjoy!

click on the image and then drag it to your desktop.
then print on 8.5x11 card or cover stock and cut inside the dotted lines, punch a hole in the corner where indicated and give, give, give!

i hope it works!

xo, j

Monday, April 26, 2010

this day blows.

it is raining and windy and cold.

my husband is out of town.

my neighbors above me have been (what i can only assume to be) hosting the pogo stick championships for about 8 hours.

i don't feel good.

and, because it needs to be reiterated, it is rainy and windy and cold.

$42, prettylittlethieves

these are the days that i imagine myself drinking tea (ok, i AM drinking tea) and knitting and cuddling with my cats or tidying my apartment and baking muffins or just chatting on the phone.

the day has been spent working and running errands in the rain and rolling my eyes at the ceiling all day while terribly missing my man.

as we say over here, "harumph"

Friday, April 23, 2010

cute butts

so today is a very exciting day for me (and my husbandufflemuffin)...

we quit smoking 20 weeks ago today!

we were both long time smokers, and have tried to quit (together and separately) many times before. we have NEVER been this committed and have definitely never lasted this long. i am in it to win it and this time, it's for good!!! i have absolutely zero desire to smoke and i'm really really proud of jamie for sticking with it (he did not go willingly).

for those who want to quit and have failed before (basically anyone who as ever smoked, ever!) - for us, the patch worked wonders. it's a little bit expensive but its completely worth it. smoking will cost you a lot more in the long run, in more ways than one!

here are some cute brass ashtrays so you can put out your butts!!!

$30, kittydirtvintage

$13, theginghamowl

$28, vintageomerecycled

bright lights, little city

so i've been waiting to make an etsy treasury for like, YEARS....

finally etsy came up with "treasury east", which, from what i gather is an experiment of sorts.

anyway i was very excited as there was the opportunity to make one, so i spent this morning navigating etsy for the best and brightest pretty things i could find and here is what i put together in the end!

if i had lots of money i'd buy all these things, fo sho.

Monday, April 19, 2010

completely amazing

i'm completely in awe of the amazing, gorgeous and unique tattooing style of amanda wachob.

this is exactly the style of tattoo i've been pining over for a few years now. I spotted this tattoo, based on the work of amazing etsy artist my folk lover, ages ago and fell in love with the natural, watercolor style of it.

it's love.

if you're wondering

i'm sorry i've been mia!

after being gone for 1 whole week it seems my business has gone up a gillion! which is great, but i'd also love to be here! in the meantime, i'm doing a detox juice cleanse today until wednesday with my bff liz and another friend of mine is doing one too. so i'm feeling a little curmudgeonly. if you are too, go see my OTHER good friend's super funny blog, curmudgeon junction.

go have a look see!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

dear world,

i have just purchased my first real life font.

(don't tell anyone)

i've been coveting buttermilk for a while so i'm happy to say i'm the proud owner of an completely gorgeous and completely mine all mine font.

jessica hische is like a hero to me so i'm very grateful to be
able to use her work in my day to day life.

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