Friday, April 23, 2010

cute butts

so today is a very exciting day for me (and my husbandufflemuffin)...

we quit smoking 20 weeks ago today!

we were both long time smokers, and have tried to quit (together and separately) many times before. we have NEVER been this committed and have definitely never lasted this long. i am in it to win it and this time, it's for good!!! i have absolutely zero desire to smoke and i'm really really proud of jamie for sticking with it (he did not go willingly).

for those who want to quit and have failed before (basically anyone who as ever smoked, ever!) - for us, the patch worked wonders. it's a little bit expensive but its completely worth it. smoking will cost you a lot more in the long run, in more ways than one!

here are some cute brass ashtrays so you can put out your butts!!!

$30, kittydirtvintage

$13, theginghamowl

$28, vintageomerecycled

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