Tuesday, October 27, 2009

costume schmostume

So I think and think and think about Halloween until, whoops, 4 days before and I realize, "well, i've got nothing". I used to go all out - wigs, makeup, the full monty (well, not really the "Full Monty", that would be illegal, and frankly, gross). But now I realize how poor I am in the lead-up to Halloween, and there is nothing I can really afford to wear just once a year. It's funny though, I will go out and buy a new dress for a party that I will most likely wear again, but never on a day that consists solely of dressing up.

Anyway, my girlfriends and I had planned (not kidding) since November 1st of last year, to be the Founding Fathers. It seemed genius and amazing and funny and, as we got closer, the idea died.

The Glam Factor takes over Halloween and I'm pretty sure, while I don't want to be a "sexy devil" or "nurse" (again), I would like to at least not be wearing 16 layers of velvet, plus a wig...

So, this year we are all going to go as circus freaks. Not exactly politically correct, but it gives us all a way to dress together, and anyone who doesn't have a costume can tack on as Half Man/Half Woman, Strong Man, etc etc. It's really just an easy way out. But a good one.

And, I, thank you very much, am going to be...

and not because I am so naturally suited for it,
because I'm takin one for the team.

And I love beardz.

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