Wednesday, March 24, 2010

read all about it

i got new ca'ds! new ca'ds...

i haven't really felt like making anything lately, knitting has sort of stalled (it's taken me 3 months to finish a hat i could have done in one day, just not motivated), i'm delaying the last section of my color wheel quilt, im just feeling craftily lazy lately. anyway, i finally got my ass into gear and made a bunch of new cards, along with a kit of 12 cards (the last image is the entire package) designed to last you basically through the year. 4 birthday cards, 2 thank you notes, a mother's & father's day card, a few sexy love notes, a congratulations note - things like that. that way you're never stuck at a party with a stupid card covered in glitter.

anyway here are a few pictures. my favorite is the anatomical heart one. in person it is so simple and sweet, i will definitely be making them to mail to my people.

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