Wednesday, March 24, 2010


one of my favorite ways to shop on etsy is to go to MY favorite etsy shop's favorite etsy shops (say that 3 times fast), and see what they like. so basically if i love Store A, I want to see who Store A loves. make sense? i also have found some great shops who have marked ME as a favorite. it's all very share-y and fun over here today.

anyway, in case you happen to love MY shop, i'm going to start featuring one of my favorite shops per week. you could also go to my favorites, which are public (i hate when they are private!), but I thought it would be fun to save you the work.

here goes:
One of my favorite stores to browse (no baby yet so nothing to buy yet!) is Baby Hank Vintage. The pictures are light and sweet and it makes you think your child just might behave if he or she were wearing something so completely adorable. Based in San Fran, with a really super cute blog - Say YES! to Hoboken, this shop finds and sells the sweetest vintage baby clothes. there are new items all the time, but below are some of my fave items for sale in the shop.


  1. thanks for the shoutout! i'm blushing

  2. ha! anytime! when i have a baby i'm gonna sell out your whole shop!


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