Thursday, November 5, 2009


so quilt class number two was better than number one! i really got the hang of piecing things together and am well on my way to a full fledged baby/lap quilt!!

this class is SO great and I highly recommend anyone in the NYC area to take it. the instructor, cassandra, is brilliant and knows everything there is to know about quilting and fabric as well as general sewing. she is so full of tips and tricks and knowledge - that alone makes the class worthwhile. there are only two other women in the class with me so its small and friendly and everyone gets lots of one on one time.

I will absolutely take more classes in the future, the confidence I feel alone makes me feel like I can finally start on my color wheel quilt!

This class we all worked at our own pace but I am happy to say I did 2 borders around my 9-patch square and I'm really happy with the results - the fabrics clash a little and next time I will shop differently now that I know the way the fabrics sit with eachother - but i really love it!

see here step 2 of my quilt !

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  1. Looks great Jess!!! Congrats!!!


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