Tuesday, April 28, 2009

quiltmaker quiltmaker make me a quilt

so i bought all the fixins to make this quilt.

It's from Joelle Hoverson's Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts (which is really super duper great, im so glad i bought it cause its filled with amazing ideas and projects).
Purl Patchwork sells an
AMAZING bundle (one of the things i bought) that has 52 different fabrics cut into fat 1/8ths for you, specifically sold to make this particular quilt. i've been told the hardest part of this quilt is picking out 52 color appropriate fabrics, so i am v glad this part has been done for me already.

how cool is this!!! (this is the one I bought) anyone that knows me knows my FAVORITE color is rainbow! to me, it is a color, despite all the arguments i've had about it. my closet is rainbow, my everything is rainbow!

we'll see how this one pans out.

It is surprisingly simple once you look at the directions but i've never quilted anything before so this is a big endeavor for me!!! im nervous but i know one day i will just wake up with the confidence to do it, so i'm glad i have everything already so when i want to i can just get moving.

i also bought some other fabrics that winked at me... and then went over to Purl soho (their knitting store just a few doors down) and bought something I've wanted for a while now - the CUTEST book in the friggin world - Vintage Baby Knits by Kristen Rengren.

who gives a shit if i can't make half the stuff in there.

the copy i bought is even signed! yay!

the book is amazing because it has more than 40 contemporary updates of timeless baby patterns that she has collected and adapted over the years. It gives a great deal of insight into the history of knitting and how when TV's started permeating households, knitting patterns became "TV ready" so women could knit and watch television at the same time. It's pretty evident if you look at how much more complicated the patterns are before this particular time.

anyway, i'll take the nerd alert level down to a soft yellow now.

but before i go!!!! look at the fabrics i bought!!!!! woohoo! Rodney the Rooster's big brother, Rooster Jack, is the Vanna White of fabrics. ain't he sexy.


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