Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Holy Freaking Grail!

So, a few days ago I received an email from the lovely Erin from the lovely Bird and Banner asking if I had any images of my bridal bouquet for their guest blog post on Design Sponge.

Bird and Banner did my wedding invitations. They are insanely perfect and awesome and amazing. I'd have done them myself but they are another level of uhmazing. nice kind creative, easy to work with, and cool.

Lets go back to talking about how obsessed with Design Sponge I am, shall we?

Anyway - the girls from B&B are doing this incredible post on how to adorn your lovely husbands (and wives) with traditional gifts in non-traditional ways. Yesterday they started with paper (natch), and today they move onto cotton.
Yet another triumph.

Here's where I come in - for my wedding I had a cotton bouquet. I still have it in a silver vase in my bedroom at my mother's country house in Upstate New York.
It's arsome.
It really is a great second anniversary gift because you can keep it forever. I sprayed it with my wedding perfume and now it is really the ultimate keepsake.
It gives me all five senses!
Not the dirty ones.

Although I personally did nothing to achieve such a prime place on my favorite site, I have reached one of my goals in life.

So yay! Today be good!


  1. Yay Jess! Very exciting to see you on the sponge:) Your cotton bouquet is an inspiration to us all! PS your blog is great (I just found it!!!) xoxo

  2. First of all, I am not even close to being married (I'm pretty sure that I need to #1) Find a man who will fall madly, deeply in love with little ol' me first and then #2)Get said fella to plop down on one knee and ask me to wed he as I answer 'yea' and for he to be willing to BE the groom at the end of the aisle #3) THEN I can hold the world's most perfect-ist (so pretty, it needed its own word)bouquet that I saw through this post and blog that I discovered today at d*s (pretty sure I've just gotten myself a big old crush on you and your 'blerg.'

    Thank you for 'bringing the pretty' to my Tuesday.


    P.S. Take a peek at my bloggity blog? Then maybe we could be bloggin' buddies?

    Looky-loo here: http://www.bargainbex.blogspot.com/


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