Monday, October 19, 2009

Eso sí que es!

so i forgot to post the final cut of my first double pointed needle project (see original post here). I finished it the next day and I guess just forgot. Anyway - i LOVED making those booties. i will absolutely make many more pairs, as any color combination would look great *i was thinking of red and white for xmas booties for my new niece* - but since then i've embarked on larger projects. Yesterday I finished what I consider to be my greatest accomplishment - SOCKS!
(do you remember those radio commercials that encouraged you to learn spanish!? "if you can spell socks you can speak spanish!")

Here is an update on my moccasins:

find pattern here
i used all their recommended yarn - and boy am i glad i did.
it's AMAZING and soft and gorgeous and not that expensive!

anyway here are the eso sí que es!
(please excuse the quality of pictures, I took them with my blackberry)
(also please excuse the pins in the pictures, I was blocking - which i never did until this project for some reason...
my mother thought they were pearl beads haha)
They are technically socks for giving to the homeless.
I first made a pair for my husband, and I will now make 2 pairs for the needy to make up for my selfish beginnings.
Karma, intact.

find pattern here
yarn here

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  1. I really hope you find this comment soon! My 2 year anniversary is coming up soon, I was thinking of embroidering a vintage handkerchief, but I really love the socks you made! I have never knit before, so, my question is- do you think I can learn/finish these in 3 weeks? Be brutally honest please haha, if I'm too much of a noob there is always christmas...


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