Wednesday, July 8, 2009


i am letting you into a place where something very special happens: sleeping.

i hate this room. i cannot tell you or explain in words how much this room makes me cringe whenever i walk into it.

i have such ideals about how bedrooms HAVE TO look that i cannot even begin to endeavor where to begin. everything in this room makes me want to scratch off the paint with my bare fingernails.

so now i am beginning my restoration. UGH i hate this room. god - the whole thing, its bad. its really bad. we have so much work to do in here and what i want requires probably a billion doll-hairs.

here is the before (have you EVER seen SUCH a "before" in your life)

so with a tight but reasonable budget i hope to get everything in the picture below and have a nice, yummy and serene bedroom. now only if i could paint the floors white....

and the fabric for behind the bed will look like this:
(forgive me, i forget where i found this, if someone has a link , please tell me)

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