Wednesday, July 8, 2009

oh. my. god.


i am trying to re-organize my bedroom/dressing room/house just a little bit so i dont feel like i am always seeing soemthing weird and saying "what IS this? why did i KEEP this?" then putting it back down and walking away.

anyway so i am now throwing out things i even don't want to throw out. old halloween costumes (no - i WONT wear it again), empty diaries people gave me that i never wrote in, silly things like programs from broadway shows and things i just have no place for but hate throwing away because "aww".

well today is the day people. AND IT SUCKS. not only is it sad, it's dusty and annoying and messy and i have about 4,000 ziplock bags with labels like "photos", "memory box", "tchotchkes". apparantly all im doing is taking all the stupid shit i STILL dont need and compiling it into groups. but i did throw away 3 garbage bags full of stuff.

it really is annoying but im making headway.

it is all for the greater good to make THIS:

look more like
(well not exactly because this is clearly an office space, but you catch the idea)

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