Thursday, July 23, 2009


one of my favorite things is product/brand re-design before's and after's. i love seeing how something that has such a presence can get re imagined by someone. that is not my strong suit, creatively, at all. I am sometimes a fan of evolutionary re-design, where something is similar ad is a step away from what it was, but i LOVE revolutionary designs where things are just like crazy different. i would love to know how to take something SO familiar to people but competely re-do it without losing the character and integrity of the product or brand.

my favorite revolutionary re-design of ALL time is the Good Housekeeping seal by my favorite branding/graphic designer Louis Fili.

here are some more of my favorite before and afters from TheDieline.

i think in the 90s, packaging got a little busy.
people wanted to know more about the contents and benefits of their purchases, coupled with mass amounts of competition, leads to TMI. I love how clean things have become, and how the shelves of the supermarkets - AND the supermarkets themselves - are just lookin' so zipped up.

Of course, people will get bored of this "everyone's a graphic designer" stuff - look around - EVERYTHING is getting re-designed. i passed an irish pub with faux capital sans serif fixed width wording on their window. it was kind of a little much. however, i do appreciate the sentiment.

people respond to pretty.

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