Monday, April 6, 2009

cavity schmavity

i got my cavity filled today.

i wish someone had told me not to drink COFFEE the morning of, because the shot of numbing stuff (not novocaine, the shit in the GIANT SUPER NEEDLE) doesn't work as well when you have caffeine.

so, after my GIANT coffee this morning off i went to the dentist where he proceeded to give me 3 syringes full of numbing stuff. it only took 1.5 hours to get me numb. now i can't eat anything for like 5 hours cause i have SO MUCH of it in me it wont wear off for like, the whole mother fluffing day, and i was warned i will chew my tongue off if i even try to eat soup with "anything chewable" in it.

i am officially grumpy.

now that the stupid
anaesthetic has worn off, where i was mouth murdered with a needle 3 times feels like i got hit in the face with a hammer.

oh yea, and a door fell on my head today.
it literally came off its hinges and fell on my head.

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