Monday, April 6, 2009

baby clothes?

i really want to start making baby dresses and bloomers and things like that. i've conquered bibs - and while that is great, no one will let their child wear it because it is too "nice". next time i give a bib i am going to cut a hole in the delivery plastic bag, drizzle some dirty water on it, and throw it at whoever has a baby next.

anyway, i'd like to make a little dress, and although im sure its easy i have no idea what the hell to do. if anyone knows anything about anything (me, i'm a "nothing about nothing" sort of girl) please let me know.

will sew for food!

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  1. My tip on bibs is to make them bigger. Babies and children drop food off the spoon and it tends to roll down their clothes and squish into their laps. It's charming at the end of the meal to pick them up and see all the bits of food you thought they'd eaten all squished under their bottoms and in their laps. So, bibs with a little 'catch - all' at the bottom and that cover the length of their shirts are ideal. If you want to get into dresses you might start by using what you know about bibs. Make bibs with arms (fab for painting projects and really messy icecreamy kinds of puddings). Bibs with arms are needed and hard to find. Just my waffly two cents this morning...


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