Wednesday, March 24, 2010

shmoasted shmarlic

so today i bought about 30 heads of garlic so i could make some roasted garlic to bring over to my dearest loveliest friend in all boroughs. you see, we are making dinner together at her house and i thought i'd be a grownup and bring a gift. i also wanted some for myself. so there.

the truth has come out.

anyway it's really easy to make and there is a recipe in this months FOOD Everyday but there is a link to another version of it below (the one i made had fresh thyme leaves sprinkled on top, before you pour the oil).

Click here for recipe.

i bought a nice pretty jar at the cooking store and then made a label and printed it onto a full sheet kraft label (can be found here) cut it out and stuck that baby on top.

i think it looks rather cute!

Here is the label I designed if you want to make this for yourself! I'm new to adding images for you to take with you so it is supposed to be a 3 inch round label. let's hope it stays that way!

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