Thursday, March 11, 2010

one king's lane

This Christmas we received a beautiful gift from our friends via One Kings Lane, an insanely awesome discount home decor site.

I went on over there and have since made two purchases (one being the Kalorik steam press I was talking about! half price!) and today, this really really beautiful set of Fino Lino place mats. No no, I do not ever even eat at a table, nor do I have guests over for dinner often.

But on the rare occasions I do host a dinner party or even have friends over for dinner, I'm very happy to say that these place mats will be the cushion between the plate and my table.

This makes me want hot pink dinner plates.


  1. i am in total agreeance with your new need to have hot pink dinner plates. oh yes. a must with those lovely placemats.

  2. ha! thanks! i ventured into a "mismatched" china phase about 4 years ago and it has not really ended up the dreamy tea party vibe i longed for!


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