Sunday, March 28, 2010


im not sure i know one person who actually owns an actual real life clock except my mother. blackberries, iphones, cable boxes, microwaves, everything HAS a clock on it, but no one has an actual clock.

I just got a new bedside table (not the gorgeous overpriced one i posted about yesterday, a cheaper, less awesome but still nice West Elm one). And the last thing I want is to roll over and look at my big gross shiny blackberry first thing in the morning to see just how late I am for something. I want the "tick, tick, tick" I had when I was little before everything plugged into a wall.

So I'm-a shoppin for a lovely little clock to go at my bedside. From my adventures on the internet (ok i am still grateful for some of the things that plug into walls), here are my faves.

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  1. k guay!!! me gusta mucho ese mueble con el abecedario!!! muy buen post


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