Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a girl can dream

So it's almost a joke in our house about how many chairs we own.
We have an 8 person dining table, but my dining table has since been shoved up against a wall to mask itself as my workspace.... so there are about 6 or 7 chairs just kind of sitting randomly around my house.My desk chair is a dining room chair, which would be great if I didn't get up about 300 times a day.

I've toyed with putting it on casters, but what I really need is something that swivels AND has wheels...
But for now I'm going to dream of all the superb and insanely expensive chairs I WISH I could afford.

thanks, 1st dibs. now i hate myself.

price not listed, jfchen

$1,200, gallery33

$3,300, orange

$12,500 (!!!!!), roark

$1,250, blendinteriors

and there you have it.
a list of 5 chairs i'll never own.

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