Monday, January 25, 2010


so i'd always prefer to decorate my own home, obviously. i like the idea of measuring and finding things that work, and yada yada yada. but sometimes there are things that you don't know, that cost you money, things you end up hating, or things that just look sour and don't connect with you or your surroundings.

this happens in every room. i love love love my house, and i like my taste, but sometimes the total package just does not come together. i have lots of different ideas, and while that's good, it can be a little chaotic and can lack fluidity. i love country house vibe, i love bazaar flea market style, i love organzed clutter, but i love simplicity, i love flowers but i hate them, i love leapord but i hate it. i love handmade style but not "homemade" style. its very overwhelming when you're trying to decorate cause everything just sort of doesn't work, and then projects go unfinished and it just feels never ending - and not in a good way.

anyway, so the white bedroom was great for like 2 days and then we realized that anything and i mean ANYTHING - a stray sock, even a pair of sunglasses, made the room look AWFUL, so i am trying to find a way to build on the fact that we painted the room a beautiful bright white. i wish we could paint the floors white, but alas, a renter's dilemma.

here are some flickr finds of bedrooms i love.


  1. oh! I love the first one, so much!

  2. so cute right? it's amanda peet's guest bedroom.


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