Thursday, December 3, 2009

slubby mcslouch

i buy things all the time. i buy yarn and fabric and stuff for the house, stuff for other people, stuff for our dogs. in fact, lately, i feel like i am always standing at a cash register. but it is rare i get stuff for myself. i really really don't buy much in the vein of jesse. but yesterday i ordered a top that caught my eye not only because it will fit seamlessly into my ever-increasingly casual wardrobe - the title had my name all over it "slubby slouchy vintage men's top" or something like that. i think anyone who knows me can attest that those 4 words pretty much describe my entire identity. maybe except vintage. i'm only 27. i am, however, a man.

ch-ch-check it out.
my $15 christmas present to myself!

bohemiennes has lots of cute goodies!

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