Wednesday, November 25, 2009

this sucks.

so i've been busier than ever - with work, and play - and i am making all my presents for people - ALL of which i want to show you, however, i can't.

so, i've literally got nothing to show!
thats why this sucks...

the good news is...
i finished addressing all of our holiday cards and i'm super excited to send them out!!

this is the first year i'm doing real life cards, not silly ones i found at urban outfitters *no shame if you did that*. considering this is my job now, i figured i'd sort of get a move on. we are doing post cards, which i'm pretty excited about... it's easy, cute, cheap and there's not that much room to write a message - which is good when you have 100 to send!

here is the front of our cards!
last year my bff liz made jamie and me these amazing hand painted silhouettes, so i scanned them in and made them red and a bit more seasonal, then put some mistletoe in! very easy and fun. i didn't want a picture really, but wanted something that was still us! i know the silo thing is a little "over and out" but i still love it, so pish posh.

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