Tuesday, November 3, 2009

silk stockings

so i love xmas stockings.

my family always does stockings last and they are filled to the brim, waiting side by side on the couch, for us to devour. things have changed a bit now that we're older - everyone contributes to eachother's stockings and now my mother's is filled with jewellery and gift certificates - as opposed to gag gifts like condoms and ben gay.

the one thing that is lacking however - is the actual stocking. yes, they've been in the family for years. but those years started in the 80s. so the stockings are decidedly unattractive.

this year i think im gonna make everyone a new stocking (no one in my family reads this, to be sure), but in the event that this idea doesn't materialize, i found some adorable stockings online that i'd like to share!

eco stocking, rikrak, $18

mary jane stocking, sewlola, $24

colossal (4 feet long!!) stocking, anthropologie, $148

limited edition hand-stitched stocking, pottery barn, $24

vintage-inspired stocking, caseyl, $35

antique quilt-scrap christmas stocking, sydg, $25

modern argyle christmas stocking, $98, churchtown chapeau

and there ya have it!

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