Monday, November 16, 2009

obsessed to the max

so now i'm obsessed with quilting - at least the idea of it. i've been researching, watching videos, finding patterns that are in my skill level (i.e. level 1 on a scale of level 1-level 10,000,000), buying nice new threads, even just washing and ironing my fabrics - and most of all - actual quilting. my favorite part of this whole process of learning has been quilting in my diningroom/office while my husband sits in the other room playing video games - god i feel old. even if i'm not very good, i really really like doing it, and i guess that's the whole point. anyway, my sewing machine broke - AGAIN. a third time in one week. i think it's time for a new one. it's been really frustrating cause as soon as i get some momentum it dies on me like a fly - 24 hours then it's dead.

here are a few (crappy) pictures of the quilt i took over the weekend - one after i basted it and one while i was doing the quilting. so so fun! now sewing machine, get back here so i can use you and abuse you.

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