Tuesday, October 20, 2009


off i go to londontown.
since my husband is (swoon) english, we go there more often than anywhere else.
i don't know much, but i know what i like.

here are some of my favorite london places...

1. Blake's Hotel
My ultimate favorite place to stay in London.... It's quiet, amazing, the bathtubs are incredible, and it's on the loveliest of streets, and duh, it's so decadent!

2. My favorite place to shop has to be Matches. Granted, it's expensive and I rarely buy anything, however, it is an amazing place to be when you do have the money to spend! They also have a great blog, click here to see!

3. Another one of our favorite discoveries on our last London trip is Aubin & Wills in Notting Hill. It has an old English country vibe mixed with great urban styling. My ultimate fave!

4. The Electric House - Amazing food. Amazing service. Amazing vibe. The end. The actual club itself is a private derivative of Soho House, but the restaurant is open to all. Next time you're in London, go go go!

5. La Famiglia - my husband's childhood restaurant. We love to go there together and you just know hundreds and hundreds of families have made memories there. It's some of the best Italian I've had - it even rivals some of the food I've had in Italy.

6. My husbands contribution to this list is Southbank. It's almost like South Street Seaport (not quite, but the only thing I can compare it to...). It's on the River Thames, and its a long walk with galleries, great food, clubs, theatres, gardens, the London Eye (see no. 10) - anything a tourist would want, without feeling too touristy. I've only been there once with him, and I must say it was pretty romantic... that said, he was entirely enthusiastic about contributing this.

7. Primrose Hill - one of the prettiest parks I've seen and spent a lovely afternoon there once visiting with friends of ours. Seems to me like a perfect place to have a picnic! image via kaydeok's flickr.

8 . Topshop, duh. There may be one in New York now, but the London giant still gets my heart a flutterin'.

9. Tate Modern - I spent a perfect day wandering the huge museum all by myself once when my husband had a bunch of meetings. You feel incredibly alone there in the best most satisfying way possible.

10. The London Eye - it may be the the most touristy thing to do next to visiting Buckingham Palace - but the view is worth it.

And there you have it. My top 10 London List of Awesome Jesse-Friendly things to do! I'm sure there are people who would disagree, however, this is MY list, and there ain't nothin you can do 'bout it!

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