Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a take on a take

so crafting is obviously my number one love, behind my family, friends, animals, manicures, call of duty xbox live, and of course a freshly washed and dried set of white sheets.

not everyone has the time or the interest in the handmade, so taking a break on the actual making of things, i had a look on etsy and found some interpretations of craft itself that left me swooning.

if you are not a crafter yourself, and want that handmade feel in your home,
or if you love to craft and just want more more more,
this is the perfect post for you!

thread print, $30, TheCuriousNomad

framed print, $14, honeylux

knitty, knitty print, $20, ashleyg

sew love you print, $25, JenniferDennisPotter

workside accidents prints, $40, sweetiepie

make do and mend print, $18, farouche

and there ya have it!
a take on a take!

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