Wednesday, October 28, 2009

happy joy joy

so this morning I got a very nice email from a very nice girl telling me she linked me in her VERY nice blog.

to say "link" is an understatement!
she devoted a whole post spotlighting me!

i nearly fell over when I read how much she enjoyed my one man show!
my mother always told me i'm an aquired taste.

It is so kind, and full of great, clever writing!
(i just typed "righting". for the record, i'm really tired)

She devotes her posts to bargain shopping - which, hello, we all need help with. i think every single person i know has said both these things in the last month - "I'm poor" and "I have nothing to wear". So, there - problem solved! To check out her adorable and funny and USEFUL (something I can't say for myself) blog,
Bargain Bex, click here!

My post is on top! (giggity)

1 comment:

  1. Oh, garsh! You're makin' me blush ... thank you oh so much for the link love! ;)



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