Tuesday, September 15, 2009

while i'm paralyzed.

i did some browsing.

i am a big fan of accessories. big huge giant fan. i used to be an associate accessories editor and every day was like a great act of imagination - what you choose as your accessory literally changes your entire look (life).

i tend to be lazy with my fashion (see black clothing post). i wear lots of black, lots of men's clothes, not so much makeup. it is pure laziness and a firm belief that trying too hard is a surefire way to look like a complete poser (i.e. - harem pants, while comfortable, are utterly idiotic and really unflattering - not in a body conscious way... in a "oh man i just shat my pants" way. i do not care what anyone says. they will go the way of the mini-backback, you watch! Either way- even if harem pants stay around forever- they will still look like a diaper with legs).

so...while i'm trying hard to look like i'm not trying that hard (insert self-depracating "lol" here) the only thing that makes me feel cute is when i throw on my vint faux leopard coat (reason number 43059843 i'm s00 suuuper excited for fall/winter) and a good old fashion headband.
bonjour, blaire. you got me.

i exhale a big breath when we are done with the short shorts and tank tops. i like sweaters and scarves and uggs (whatever, they are comfortable, shut it) and mittens and yummy yummazoids.

although i am married, wouldn't this be perfect for a Sunday supper dinner date
with big giant oversized chunky knit off the shoulder sweater, rolled up men's
trousers and my ChloƩ cripple shoes (shh), hair days unwashed, my whole foods
bag which has quickly become my "purse"? yums.

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