Tuesday, September 29, 2009

via las vegas

let me begin by saying I hate Starbucks. for a few reasons - the coffee is too hot, its not very good, starbucks to me says socialism more than any healthcare inkling, um what else.... oh yea, i spilled soy milk all over me and the whole staff stood there and laughed, then they gave me a dirty old wet washcloth to clean up with.

anyway, so take a look at ALLLLLL that bias....

I tried their "Via Ready Made Coffee" today - the little travel coffee thing that looks like a Crystal Lite to Go (which i am firmly against cause i dont want cancer, thanks)....

I won't be using it regularly cause a) its not freshly brewed (although i do love a kit kat now and then I REALLY don't liek pre-packaged anything that comes in plastic) b) it probably will also give me cancer c) its wasteful to throw away all those lil plastic things e) i'm not THAT lazy that i can't make my own coffee.

however, if you're on a trip or traveling or in a rush, or there happens to be no Starbucks within 2 blocks of you (snicker) - its really really really great and very tasty...


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