Monday, September 28, 2009


i popped my baby shower cherry.

i know i know - i have a spectacular way with words.

anyway, i'd never been to a baby shower before but Saturday I went to my first boss/friend Linnea's. She's having what I am certain will be a smart, well-dressed, funny, and tall tall tall baby girl. anyway - she is also of the crafty persuasion and appreciates anything handmade. i guarantee that if you are someone who will appreciate that I spent my vacation in Mexico lovingly knitting your baby-to-be's sweater in the hot hot sun (not in a gross way) then I am MUCH more likely to spend said vacation making said baby's said sweater.

anyway, here it is, in all its pink and yellow 80's color combo glory!

this is one i really grew to love while making it and i can justifiably say Jamie is pissed I gave it away.

of course - my gift was the first opened and while secretly thrilled I'd get ooh'd and ahh'd over my knitty brilliance, it actually was kind of embarrassing to have everyone know just how much free time i have....

I loved making it and im super happy to say I remembered to take pictures! hooray!

I used a pattern from uber-fave Vintage Baby Knits (almost definitely the best $27 i've ever spent) and used Rowan Cotton Glace in Butter, which is seriously the most delicious thing to hold in your hand for a week straight. It's cushy and soft and totally washable and best of all - it's cotton so it can be worn in winter or summer. AND - how many yarns can one knit with in 100 degree Mexican heat!?

The little package in the last picture is just some yarn and an extra button, which I think is a really nice thing to do when you're giving a homemade garment. I'd never thought of it before and now I realize, what does someone do when a vintage button bought at a flea market falls off a sweater? even a button whore like me takes months and months to replace buttons lost in combat.

This is a completely doable project for knitters of any level, even beginners. It really takes very little concentration until certain parts, and knits up insanely quickly. I even took a few days off because I didn't want it to be over so fast.

Onto the next frontier...

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