Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mocca Mocca

So I've gotten pretty decent at knitting. I still have a crazy crazy amount to learn obviously, and one of those things is knitting socks. Obviously knitting a sock is a knit-of-passage, so i must must must learn it or i'm just a poser. well, i'm probably a poser anyway, but i'd like to be authentic in one part of my life. i've knit booties with 2-needle patterns, however, i've never knitted on double pointed needles.

until today.
i have officially started my first double pointed needle project!!!

it is going alright so far, and i'm already proud just for starting. i've wanted to make the infamous purlbee baby mocs for a long time, so i am pretty excited to do these.

if you knit i suggest you make them as they are the most badass things ever.

and if you don't knit you should learn!

it's the best hobby in the world!

purlbee moc's pattern

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