Monday, August 24, 2009

confessions of a once-shopaholic

so i used to shop ALL THE TIME. i have accumulated so much stuff that it's unreal.
i also am a hoarder. not REALLY a "hoarder" but i do not like to throw things away. every day (ask jamie) it is a ruthless battle to throw away things i just do not need (not clothes - they are either all sold or in storage. i just don't have room for stuff i don't love on a daily basis)

the good thing is, i've really stopped shopping. like, almost altogether. i buy things for the house, for sewing and knitting and stuff. but the only clothes i ever wear are things i completely and totally adore. before it was "oh this is kind of cute" or "oh, sale"... now its 3rd reich steez.

so with not shopping, plus giving stuff away, selling, and storing - i have found that i have (literally) only have black, white and grey in my wardrobe. which is fine, because they are the only things i like to wear, really.
ok maybe i'm exaggerating.
but still - ask anyone the last time they saw me in something bright. i do have 2 dresses with flowers on them. and after 2 wearings i now hate them. cue- storage.

it's kind of funny cause my whole house is SO colorful. pink and yellow everywhere.

anyway - i wear the same shit every day. and i like it that way. but sometimes everyone needs a little perk. so for the non-money i have, i think next week (after my weeklong detox fast - i.e.- coffee and lettuce) i am going to go to topshop and pick up my fall shopping list. i don't need much. just a few things i know i'll wear all the time. haha i.e. black.

i really am a creature of habit.

all topshop


  1. I love you, but think you should seriously reconsider the MC Hammer pants! ;-)

  2. they are batwing trousers!! i wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of dumpy-trunk hammer pants! that crotch is where it should be! ps - i like the thinly veiled "AJK" ! I KNOW IT'S YOU ALANNA!!! hah xo


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