Tuesday, July 14, 2009

feelin' knitty

so i think the last time i talked about knitting i was a relative beginner. i was knitting my first sweater and hadn't really updated.

so a few months ago (shortly after my last knitknit post) i finished my sweater, and since then, i've finished a few more plus a barrage of hats, blankets, booties, and little baby scratch mittens.

today i received some pictures from my sister in law of a sweater i made and gave to her gorgeous daughter, anna-rose. isn't she just the cutest?

i also made this gnome hat (modeled so elegantly by yours truly) for a child but winged it with a bigger yarn and it turned out HUGE so i gave it to my adorable friend lydia.

i've made other stuff to these are just ones
i happen to have pictures of - or they are gifts waiting to be given!

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