Thursday, June 4, 2009

twinkle twinkle.

i'm such a hoarder. i buy little things and there they are, living in my house. for a one time editor i have zero ability to edit. i don't like many things.
but maybe, just maybe i do.

i also have a real disdain for "storage". like, as much as i love to see color coordinated baskets with labels on them in OTHER people's houses, i end up buying the baskets, labels, and more stuff to go in them but never get sorting. i'm a messy organizer. i have a fabric closet. for 2 months it is poifect. then after that the fabric stops getting folded. the pens start collecting. i buy extras of EVERYTHING. because if i run out of something, i promise you i will give up on it entirely.

i am a creature of habit. i am someone who wears the same 4 grey tshirts and 3 pairs of jeans every day. however, i have a closet full of beautiful clothes that only come out when i RARELY go out - i told you, creature of habit. or, hermit of habit is a better term.

anyway. some days i get chucking and really clean it all out. i wish i could get to the point where it looks like THIS:

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