Wednesday, May 20, 2009

it really depends on the day

i know some people are always "positive".

i am generally "negative".
but for some reason today i am half glass full.
1) i barely slept 2) my cat is having surgery today (the second one she's had of this kind) 3) i have (literally) 13 BIG orders to fill by Friday. 4) my husband is out of town. 5) i'm going with my mom for her chemo treatment today.

normally on a day like this - i would wake up with an eye roll and probably a few tears.

but LOUD disco music at 745 am really changes an outlook on things.

1) i got no sleep cause i was watching a really good movie 2) after surgery my cat won't be urinating pure blood and she will be out of pain! 3) hopefully the money i make from 13 big orders can help pay for cat surgery 4) that one still sucks cause i miss him. 5) chemo is a good thing! she's getting better!

See? Disco at 730 am never hurt anyone!

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