Wednesday, April 22, 2009

im honestly about to murder someone

there is heavy heavy construction right outside my door. literally. outside.
there has been for over a year.

first i had to get used to the drilling at 8am. then it was the pounding steel. then it was the (literally) 40 story crane that was living 25 feet from my front door, hovering over my 4 story building, permeating my nightmares. Now that I am used to ALLLL those things, the worst has arrived.

what i am NOT capable of getting used to is the "Ooweh! Ooweh" disco sounds the construction workers scream all day every day, in addition to the 200 other annoying things they scream all the time. But that is, single handedly the most obnoxious and annoying sound effect in human history. I can hear them when I am IN the shower, water pouring in my ears, I can hear them all the way down the block. I have complained to 311 several times. I've called the construction company. The development company. No one on the building site will even talk to me much less listen to my complaints. I am seriously going slowly insane.

see how close construction is below. these picture were taken from my living room window.

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