Monday, March 2, 2009

guitar heroz

i gave this gift so now i can show it. i'm pretty proud since it was my first big project re: softies, and it came out really well. it was really really easy - just time consuming. liz helped me trace my guitar hero guitar onto the fabric with white eyeliner (we didn't have any chalk markers, so liz proposed my white eyeliner from 2002! i knew i kept it for a reason), cut out two pieces of the main guitar black fabric, i cut different shapes free hand from neon felt, and then sewed them all on by hand, then i turn the fabric, wrong sides out, and sewed it up, left a small hole to turn inside out, stuffed it up, and sewed it closed! the next day i decided i needed a strap so i just seamed two pieces of long fun fabric together and voila!! it was definitely a beginner project and anyone who is handy with a needle can do this!

i will definitely make more, as i want to do some floral ones. or if you want me to make one for you or a child you know, you can contact me at re: pricing and what you would want!

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