Wednesday, March 4, 2009


so i had a weird day (woooo my ambien just kicked in as i was typing that)... i needed to make something pure and good and innocent. so i made a bib. not just any old bib! a bunny bib! i am not sure this will be a final draft, but either way i really like how it turned out. the ears need to be a bit wider.... but its ok, it made me smile and it passed the time. that's all i really need in life.
haha it kind of looks like a purse. i saw something similar on etsy and knew i could make it so i just created my own pattern. i obviously don't intend to sell it as hers is WAY better and it isn't my design. i haven't ironed it yet or anything so it will definitely look better after.

here is a picture of the adorable bib i saw online.

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