Tuesday, March 3, 2009

bib-ity bop

i made a bib!

i am SO gonna make more. it was so fun and ended up so cute. it was also really easy, but took care and concentration - my favorite kind of project. i am going to make a THOUSAND of these, i just need some new fabrics.

i used the pattern from
you can click here for the pattern and instructions,
although unless you are a beginner
you don't need instructions.
(beginners can SO do this! IM a beginner!)
the only thing that i didn't see was their seam allowance, i did 1/4" and it seems really small, so next time i'm gonna over estimate the pattern size...
i also used a ribbon instead of velcro cause i didn't have any.

see below for the results of my first bib-deavor! gee i hope the recipients dont read this!

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