Tuesday, February 24, 2009

this makes me want to have a berbee!

so it's baby town all around me.
my brother's wife is pregz (with a girl!!!), my housecleaner is pregnant...
jamie's big sister just had a baby (a girl!!!!), jamie's younger sister has 2 kids,
2 of jamie's friends just had babies...


anyway, of course i want a baby. i'm not quite ready yet, but soon i will be.
however, things like THESE are sure to kick my ass into high gear.
i told jamie i wanted a baby just for the clothes. and he punched me.

not with his hands.
he punched me with his eyes.

kit+lili makes the CUTEST clothes.
they are based in brooklyn and make amazing graphic prints that are very svvveeedish.


click here for more of their stuff.


7am enfant makes these along with adorable sleeping bags for lil babes.

little leggies stick out them big old bootz?
ultimate cuteness.

click here for more.

um, yer freekin kidding, right?
like. AH!
why dont they make this for big people? why aren't big people little forever?!
smafolk makes the cutest schtuff!

ok ok one more.
because this is like, ooooh-weee!
i found this brand via bloesem kids,
and it srsly makes me want to tear my hair out
its soooo cute.
click here for the clothkits super adorable site
i'm practically pregnant just LOOKING at it.


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