Tuesday, February 3, 2009

so i ain't martha, but..

i tried these cupcakes that were in the feb issue of God's Gift Monthly/Martha Stewart Living.

they looked exactly like the magazine until i got my hands on the cake decorating pastry bag and it kind of all went downhill. the recipe calls for melted white chocolate as the decoration but i'd try buttercream frosting or something softer for a novice. next time they will go better, but for now this is my first try. the cupcake part and the glaze were really easy, though!

see pictures of le process below!
the first picture has the magazine's version of them - my handwriting is decidedly less award-winning.


i made a few for our new neighbors, so hopefully they won't think i have no life.

i just had one and they are really good! the bittersweet chocolate glaze is "bittersweet", so next time i'd probably use semi-sweet chocolate to make it a bit more sugary!

the recipe isn't available online but i will type it up tomorrow and blerg it!

jamie just tried one and said "fucking delicious"! so yay!

he said the cake part is perfect, so i am quite proud at this moment.

highly recommended
(all except the writing part - it takes the difficulty to another level. its not hard, but its "more")

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