Friday, February 27, 2009

she work hard for da money, eh eh, eh eh

so i know i just ranted about having no money, however, when it comes to things this cute/cool - i cave....

although many people (ahem, liz) hate urban outfitters - i like it. not their clothes, but i like their electronics section.
so i was a-browsin, and upon i came to this cutie mc cute ville camera, which i just bought. its the "Blackbird, Fly" camera. it takes 35mm film, which makes it a bit easier to use than my diana camera.
(liz said i was an idiot because i can do the same thing with my diana, but my excuses were that 1) this is cute 2) 35 mm film is cheaper to develop - rationalizing much?)

it was designed from the ground up by superheadz of japan,
and you can buy it by clicking on this link

(i bought it at urban outfitters, but only cause we were buying another radical thing, see pic below!)

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