Wednesday, February 4, 2009

rat a tat tat

i got my tattoozle bamboozle!

i had a letter my father wrote my mom from 30 years ago and there was some text that i decided on, and they photocopied it, and he did it PERFECTLY! i am so happy.

it went really well, very quick and easy peas. my mom came with me, for some reason she's been with me for like 6/7 tattoos, so it feels right. plus she lets me squeeze her hand until we are both paralyzed. but when we walked in we went to see jamie's tattoo artist/friend chris and he was tattooing some guys butt and my mom was liek "oh. well. hello there". it was pretty great.

anyway here's a pic.
its still a little red, and not sure if you can tell but its on my ribs.

i'm really really happy and i couldn't recommend my guy enough. he does beautiful work and great sailor/retro tattoos. unfortunately, the nyadorned website doesn't have his stuff up but promises from the source.... he's boss!
boss like shoulder pads!


  1. I think this is the only tattoo I've ever liked. It's fab and such a nice idea.

  2. oh alanna! that means a LOT coming from you!


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