Saturday, February 7, 2009

and we ate it too...

i made the rainbow cake! and it worked!

i used a yellow cake recipe from the new Tate's Cookies Cookbook and a Martha Stewart vanilla frosting recipe - and they were both great. I added some chocolate chips to the top of the cake and really, it was yummy!

you could easily do this with box cake too, and forget the gel colors, just use regular old food coloring works well.

Just blob the layers on top of eachother. don't mix them around, just blob, and it will settle correctly.

also this would work really cute with different shades of blue or pink, or something like that.

it looked so cool!!!!!

see pics below.

click here for Martha Stewart's Vanilla Frosting Recipe
(the frosting was so delicious and easy, I have no excuse
to ever buy a can of frosting again)
like, seriously.

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