Saturday, January 31, 2009

tattoo bonanza

so jamie and i are going to brooklyn at 4 today (don't break into our house!) to get the background on his dragon tattoo filled in. see pre-background dragon below. (also i put in his tattoo of my name, which i love so much, so i thought i'd post).

i am a fan of (some) tattoos. most often they are done poorly and of really stupid things.
(hey, i have a butterfly right above my buttcrack. but you can't blame a girl for being 16 and obviously an idiot.)

and yea there are some seriously fucking stupid tattoos in the world.
i am all for irony.
like, this tattoo, i actually really super duper think is awesome. obviously.
christopher walken is no laughing matter.

but lets take a moment for the morons.
(maddox is kind of growing on me, though)
(and alan alda looks so happy!)
but WHAT?!
or even on your television.

and while i fully respect, support and am proud of the cause - this obama tattoo is intense. srsly.

and the final kicker. ultimo moron (although i agree with her completely).

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