Wednesday, January 21, 2009

organization station

so, slowly but surely i am getting old. i am turning into an alphabetizing, organizing, stacking, height ordering, vignette-ing, bed making, corresponding, color coordinating version of my former self. don't get me wrong, i'm still a total mess, but there is something so so satisfying about labeling your spices, completely re-organizing your craft box, or perfectly folding a towel.

i used to buy new underwear in lieu of doing a load of laundry. now i funnel my fabric softener into a cuter bottle. ugh.

obviously i love martha stewart. with all the extra time my joblessness is affording me, i have had the time to browse through the template and clip art section of her website and to save you (all two of you, who have probably gotten this anyway) time, below are a few of my favorites.

these are super adorable, and now, whenever anyone asks you for a recipe, it wont be on the back of a napkin, it will be on the cutest thing of all time.

ugh. spice labels. tha bessst.
i am mid-project with this spice business.
i made my own labels, but for the sake of martha
here is the link to her loverly templates.

radical birthday calendar.
this thing changed my life.
and now my family doesn't hate me.

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