Friday, January 23, 2009

bit drunk

juuuust a bit.
great meal tonight. i highly recommend Hangawi at 12 east 32nd street just east of 5th, in koreatown. right up the block from liz and my favorite karaoke superjoint, Toto Kaaaraoke!

super incredible vegetarian (pretty much vegan, almost) and like, renewed my faith in my vegetarianism. sometimes it gets boring or redundant, just cause i am forced to be creative so often with my food without just eating pasta all the time. but this place had great atmosphere and our server was, as my mother called him "a munchkin! what. a. lil. munchkin!" he had glasses and was 5'5" , plus some spiky hair. but it was deeeeeeeeeeeelish! right now jamie and i are feeling a bit like the fellows below.

i am so very clearly the bloke on the left, as my hair has a naturally quoick-eh-ly texture.

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